Friday, July 31, 2015

Five Pawns Gambit

I have been trying to find the time to blog. I have a lot to say just not enough time. Recently I have been traveling a lot and visiting family and friends. I enjoying watching movies and will take any suggestions of what to watch. My new thing right now is vaping and checking out all the great flavors out there. I must say Looper by ANML is still my favorite along with Suicide Bunny products. Suicide Bunny has helped my husband completely quit smoking along with Looper helping me quit as well. Philip Rocke is a great mixologist and would suggest any of his products.
I am looking forward to getting my Five Pawns in the mail today ordered from Giant Vapes. The flavor I am going to check out is Gambit since it has a good rating. I will let everyone know how it taste once it gets here. Thanks Annika Woodbanger

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Looper By ANML

So vaping has become my new smoking habit, if you can call it smoking. I have quit smoking for a month now and feeling great. I will contest to the fact that vaping helps people to quit the nasty habit. I never thought I would say this considering that smoking was the only vice that I had. I have found vaping not only is healthier, it is a great way to explore great flavors. Recently on +Matty Mudshovel blog he mentioned to +SINISTERGUITARPICKS about quitting smoking. Well, I think I proved to +Matty Mudshovel that getting a better mod will help the habit of smoking go away.
On my vacation I researched some of the best juices you can find and went out and brought them home. Currently I have been using Looper and I must say Philip Rocke you are a genius. I am looking forward to trying all your amazing flavors!! If anyone vapes check out the amazing Looper by ANML and Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny!! I will post more great juices soon! Thank for reading.   Annika Woodbanger

Just Got Home!

I am back home after a great vacation with my family the last couple weeks. Beach time and family time is for sure the best cure for relaxation. I am now getting back into the swing of things with +Matty Mudshovel by going out and getting new vaping accessories for Matty!!!. I am working on some great ideas for games for the community on my spare time. Trying to get back to the grind but wish vacation can last forever. I have a lot more to say and will add more posts here soon. Looking forward to sharing my ideas to you. Thanks Annika WoodBanger