Sunday, July 12, 2015

Looper By ANML

So vaping has become my new smoking habit, if you can call it smoking. I have quit smoking for a month now and feeling great. I will contest to the fact that vaping helps people to quit the nasty habit. I never thought I would say this considering that smoking was the only vice that I had. I have found vaping not only is healthier, it is a great way to explore great flavors. Recently on +Matty Mudshovel blog he mentioned to +SINISTERGUITARPICKS about quitting smoking. Well, I think I proved to +Matty Mudshovel that getting a better mod will help the habit of smoking go away.
On my vacation I researched some of the best juices you can find and went out and brought them home. Currently I have been using Looper and I must say Philip Rocke you are a genius. I am looking forward to trying all your amazing flavors!! If anyone vapes check out the amazing Looper by ANML and Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny!! I will post more great juices soon! Thank for reading.   Annika Woodbanger